Intermen Limited (HK), est. 2011 and Intermen Nordics, est. 2014 are Hong Kong and Europe based sister companies specialising in Smart Phone and Tablet components and accessories trade.
Our associates and partners having been in the business since early 2000 have provided us with the best contacts and knowledge in the fast phased business of mobile communications. Small organisation and use of subcontractors and independent representatives  in various tasks gives us a healthy cost structure and the much needed flexibility to meet market requirements, in price and functionality.

Being involved for years in dynamics of our trade we see the future very promising. Constant changes in the market are all possibilities for us and we wish to continue to transfer part of the benefits to all our co-opearators. We believe, by doing good ourselves will make our partners in trade do their best as well.


Best value provided for main brand original phone and tablet Displays and other components.


  • Grading fully explained. Grading is same as price. No double standard. We sell the grade we pay for. Please ask for our grading file.

  • Transparent professional inspection standard with years of experience.

  • Comprehensive reporting provided for each unit that passes or fails inspection.

  • Purchase prices adjusted to market situation.Up the market, up the price and vice versa. Prices do change.

  • We pay for High value OLED display Fail units as well

  • No value units can be sent back

  • Freight paid. Also for return shipments.

  • Fast inspection.

  • Quotes for ready supplier stocks within 24hrs.


Samsung Service Pack ready stocks
Samsung Refurbished Oled displays ready stocks
iPhone refurbished displays ready stocks.
Huawei refurbished and EU original / battery Displays
Exchange program for iPhone, Samsung and Huawei used displays

  • All best selling models in stock

  • Pre installation guarantee

  • Freight paid

  • Next day shipping

  • Warranty